• FAQs

    Can I volunteer for my ticket?

    Possibly! Contact zeptospace@gmail.com as soon as possible to plan. In general we strive to create a community where everyone is invested with their own time, thus everyone is a volunteer. We do need a handful of dedicated individuals to assist pre- and post- event, however, and are more than happy to exchange a ticket for such support.

    Are kids allowed?

    Yes, children under 15 are free, however this event is a place of free expression and it is not expressly designed for children. No lewd or aggressive behavior will be permitted, but incidental spontaneous acts of humanity will be present. Nudity is allowed in the pool house and outdoor showers.

    Are dogs allowed?

    No. As the sanctuary location has many bunny's and cute lil animals, dog's are not permitted.

    What should I bring?

    Your most expansive self • Attire that allows for movement • A pen for note-taking in the provided guidebook • Any props, costumes, or toys that ignite your spirit • A blanket and cushions for sitting on the grass • A towel for the pool/showers • A headlamp or flashlight for moving around after dark • A tent or sleeper vehicle and necessary bedding • Food to contribute to the community kitchen

    Is alcohol allowed?

    Yes, if you are of legal age you may bring your own libations, however heavy alcohol consumption is not encouraged -- the experience itself should be intoxicating enough. Also note, there is NO GLASS ALLOWED in the pool house.

    How about nudity?

    Nudity is allowed in the pool house and outdoor showers, but no lewd or sexual behavior is permitted. We aim to celebrate the this human experience and release the shame around naked bodies, real bodies -- flesh, scars, and all the beautiful imperfections that make us unique.

    What about food?

    We will provide a vegan, gluten-free dinner on Saturday evening, but please bring food to share the rest of the time. There is a community kitchen on site and mealtimes are generally potluck style. There is potable water on site.

    Are there vendors?

    No, there is no on-site vending or even need for money. However, if you do need something we are within a quarter-mile walk from store.

    Can I bring my RV?

    Yes, but please give us a heads up if you are planning to bring an RV as parking space is limited. Our email is zeptospace@gmail.com.

    Who's headlining?

    While music is integral to everything we do, this is not a music festival. There will be a number of musicians playing throughout the event. Expect acoustic music, world music, downtempo electronica, and ambient sounds.

    What is Zepto Space?

    Zepto Space is a collaboration of co-creators, artists, and innovators. We provide experiential space design and entertainment for community events. In the past 3 years, we have worked alongside festival communities in the Pacific Northwest to showcase community artists through illuminative storytelling. We strive to continue this work by crafting and sharing transformative experiences.

    Is there anything else I should know?

    Please note that the venue has a strict Quiet Time policy from 10pm-8am, as such we will be keeping all music very minimal/acoustic during the night, and offering a silent disco on both Friday and Saturday.

    NO GLASS allowed in the pool house.
    Again, no dogs, please!