• Fluidity is a community arts and wellness retreat offering mind-body integrative practices, immersive theater experiences, and intellectual discourse.

  • Testimonials

    What an inspiring collaboration of performers! The performances all flowed so well into each other, it's cool to see so many people weaving so many cool ideas into each other.
    - Luke Mandala

    This group is truly an exemplar of the collective power to create living dreamscapes and inspire transformation through home-grown grassroots efforts. There is no other way to encapsulate the experience of FLUIDITY than to say that it was, absolutely, pure magic.
    - Sarah Maxwell

    I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and it turned into a weekend of growth, challenges, love and laughter. Thank you, thank you, thank you. and now....again!
    - Arlene Smith

  • The Elemental Quest

    This year Fluidity offers an interactive theater experience that will happen throughout the weekend. The Elemental Quest is a collective effort to access the power of Group Flow – accelerating our metamorphosis towards a thriving future.

    Representing each of the elements, teams of 4 will embark on a Quest for Unity lead by a cast of of wellness arts experts. In our success, we will embody the wisdom of a Sumarian Mythology:
    Inanna’s Descent – and help her find her way back to the Heavens.


    What Element would you represent?
    Tickets are limited to 200! Reserve your presence now and take
    the Elemental Identifier to uncover the Element you represent.

  • Workshops

    We host embodiment workshops and conceptual explorations in a variety of modalities to facilitate flow state cultivation, creative embodiment, personal development, and collective evolution.

  • Performance

    Our most beloved offerings at Fluidity are our sacred cirque performances and interactive theatrical adventures. We meld modern technology with ancient wisdom to create impactful experiences that leave audiences awed and inspired.

  • Community

    Ultimately our mission is to create a new paradigm of thrivelihood by activating a compassionate and connected culture that supports the well-being of all that is living.

  • What is Zepto Space?

    We are a sacred cirque, a creative collective, a community of seekers...

    Zepto Space was born in Black Rock City in 2011, a modest plot in a throbbing city on a vast desert. From that seedling we have grown into a collective of creative beings that curate sacred spaces and craft experiences with the intention of sowing personal transcendence.

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    We can't do this without the many friends that contribute their time, energy and wisdom. Do you want in?

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